Trip To Alberta

Over the Christmas Holidays I had the pleasure of flying with my boyfriends family to Alberta. I had the opportunity of meeting extended family members and just having a really great time. 
We stayed at a cottage outside of Edmonton where there was a completely frozen lake that just went on for forever. I also ended up doing family sessions and group shots over on that same lake. So over the course of five days we watched a million movies because there was no wifi or cable at night. The movies just never ended. Which was great for me! I am a movie fanatic. I saw so many movies I never had the time for before and it was awesome. 
Overall it was such a great trip. One of the best things I love about travelling though, is the plane. I do love everything else about travelling and being with great people. But for some reason, as soon as I'm on a plane I just get so content and I actually get the excitement of the whole "travelling feeling". 
On the way home, I had (the pleasure?) to sit next this bitter man. He wasn't old or anything, but he just could not stop complaining about everything. No, seriously, EVERYTHING. It was a mood buster, but whatever. Still a great 4 hour flight! 

xoxo. Maria 

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