DIY // Watermelon Summer Jewelry Dish

Yesterday I spent the day running through the dollar store trying to figure out what I could turn into a watermelon. Literally anything that's round has potential. But then I was thinking, 'what do I really need?' Well, my biggest pet peeve right now is how disorganized my room is, and need to figure out a system for my jewelry. And this is what my one girlfriend and I came up with! 

What you need: 
Bottom of a planters pot
Green Paint
♥ Pink Paint
♥ Black Paint

This is literally the easiest DIY to complete. All we did was paint the inside pink first, then let it dry. Then free hand painted the outside rim of the pot green to resemble the rind. And finally we used the black paint to make seeds over the pink! 

Like I said, it's super simple! 
And helps turn your room into a little more summer-y for the season. I love that everything in my apartment is starting to turn bright with colours and really has the summer vibe! 

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