Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen Photo Shoot

I absolutely love modelling Evelynn! Nicole's just fantastic and fun, along with all the other girls that work along side her. I can't wait to be modelling in her next runway show on February 7th! I'm going to be wearing some gorgeous formal wear. It's going to be great!

xoxo. Maria

Coffee Talk

Hi Everyone!
I never just sit and rant about things on my blog. Usually it's references or outfit posts just because I speak better through photos then words. I guess that's why I'm a photographer rather than a journalist!
I've been back at school for two weeks so far and I have no motivation to do work. I love my program, I'm just in a big lazy mood from the holidays and I don't want it to end. To make things just that little bit worse is a few days ago I came down with the flu. Like not the flu where you're sick in bed watching netflix, it was like gross flu (and not to sound like a baby, but..) where your mom needs to drive an hour to look after you. My boyfriend went to class for the day and I was worried for myself to be alone. So he starts calling up my mum and my best friend from school to take shifts over me! The funny thing was, that my mom basically put my to bed and shut the door and I was out for hours. Was it worth her coming to look after me? Probably not. Am I thankful? Oh yeah! The best part was, when I woke up my whole house was clean. Moms are just awesome! And so are best friends! Shannon sat in the infected room and watched Netflix with me for hours until my boyfriend came home. I have a good friend! That night my other two roommates came downstairs with their shirts covering their faces (trying to hide from my sickness) making sure I was okay, then proceeded to spray our entire house in Lysol. They were so funny to watch: two guys afraid of a little flu virus! Okay, I wouldn't blame them.
I think that's enough information about my grossness for one day. Let's change the subject. I recently launched the Tred Magazine Blog and I absolutely love the content we have on there so far. We are having more reviews popping up on there and on here from some really awesome online shops. I am really looking forward to showing you all of that fun stuff. They're like little cute things. Who doesn't love random cute things? Do you ever just go to Indigo and go in the stationary section and pick out the small packets of paper clips and pens because they just look so cute? No? Yes? Well I certainly do! Or the $1 bucket at Micheals is a killer for me too!
Finally I just want to talk about how I'm going apartment hunting tomorrow! I am SO excited. I live in a nice house now, but not what I think is my style. All I crave in a place is all white and big windows! My house now is far from that! It's like dark green with the tiniest windows and on top of it, we have like no lights inside either! It's so sad. So my boyfriend and I are moving up in the world and finding a more attractive living space. Hip hip!

xoxo. Maria

My Girl, Anna Tripp

Let me start with saying that we do have better photos of us. But where's the fun in having decent ones when you can take these beauties in my room after a long day of driving in a blizzard, taking photos and delivering clothes?
If you don't know who this is, this is Anna. She is one of my best friends ever since we met back in grade 11. I would just like to introduce that she is up and running her very own blog as a New Years goal and it's going to be great.
She takes Fashion Design at Fanshawe College and will be documenting her work and everything thats super cool about her there. Have a gander and take a look at her work HERE!

xoxo. Maria

Trip To Alberta

Over the Christmas Holidays I had the pleasure of flying with my boyfriends family to Alberta. I had the opportunity of meeting extended family members and just having a really great time. 
We stayed at a cottage outside of Edmonton where there was a completely frozen lake that just went on for forever. I also ended up doing family sessions and group shots over on that same lake. So over the course of five days we watched a million movies because there was no wifi or cable at night. The movies just never ended. Which was great for me! I am a movie fanatic. I saw so many movies I never had the time for before and it was awesome. 
Overall it was such a great trip. One of the best things I love about travelling though, is the plane. I do love everything else about travelling and being with great people. But for some reason, as soon as I'm on a plane I just get so content and I actually get the excitement of the whole "travelling feeling". 
On the way home, I had (the pleasure?) to sit next this bitter man. He wasn't old or anything, but he just could not stop complaining about everything. No, seriously, EVERYTHING. It was a mood buster, but whatever. Still a great 4 hour flight! 

xoxo. Maria 

January Pinterest Inspiration

Sometimes when I get on Pinterest, I feel like I have a theme that I am most attracted to. Whether you noticed it or not, but it's minimalist! I thought I'd share what my inspiration for the month is as I'm always in the mood to be inspired. If you check out my Pinterest page you can have a look at these shots and their information behind them HERE.

Review // Olay Fresh Effects

I'm definitely that kind of person that buys products because they look pretty. But I can say that yes, the product itself is really artsy looking, but I love this combination of face wash and moisturizer/BB cream. The face wash is a scrub that is honestly so refreshing in the morning, then the BB cream evens out my skin tone and keeps it moist all day long. I love having a dewy look to my skin, and both of these together does just that for me!

xoxo. Maria

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