Lookbook // Holiday Looks

Happy Holidays!
As soon as exams were done, my girl Hayley and I got together and planned a little winter/Christmas outfit post!
So here's some inspiration for some holiday party outfit planning!

xoxo. Maria

Currently Loving

I haven't done one of these in a while!
I went to Indigo a while back and found the cutest agenda that I'm using for my business. It has the calendar itself, then tons of room for notes which I love because I usually have more then one thing to do in a day and my calendar runs out of space!
Then once I'm at Indigo, I get suckered into buying more cute things! Like that "hello lovely" note pad, I keep it in my purse for quick reminders. I also picked up that adorable print of the miniature dashound that I have in a frame on my wall! It reminds me of my dog at home as I'm away at school.
I also threw in this strong pink Essie nail polish into my currently loving post because I had my model a while back wear it, then I fell in love with it. It was that simple!
Micheals also gets me every time I go in there! Craft and little trinket stores make it so easy for me to spend money. And thats when I bought the grey striped paper straws. 
Finally, I picked up those little gem of sunglasses from a little store in Toronto. Don't ask me what the store was called because I have no idea! But they were only $5! Woot! 

xoxo. Maria 

Web Wednesdays // Synchronized Swimmers


I love this print from Jeannie Phan. It reminds me of Summer!
The best part about Jeannie though, is that she's from Toronto, ON! That's exciting to come across talent so close to home. 

I also found this illustration below to be pretty cool too. It's a little maze for you to do!

A Few Days With Vic

Every year since grade nine, I do a photo shoot of Vic. She was my first model (other then my sister) and has been supporting me through my business journey since the very beginning! It's been a while since we've actually hung out and we realized we don't have very many good shots of the two of us together, so of course I whip out the camera, head to my backyard and start shooting! 
I had a blast spending the past few days with this girl, I'm so sad to send her off on that grey hound to go home today! 

Try // Layering Gold

Something to try this season is layering chunky gold chains. Dsquared² had longer layered chains on the runway back in the Spring of 2013 at the Milan Fashion Week and I love the way it looked but took a shorter approach as I thought it would be nicer for the winter. It kind of acts as a metal scarf as it gets cold I always layer everything and since I have dermals now, a lot of my tops are low cut so the necklaces was just something different to try!

Dsquared² - Spring 2013 Milan Fashion Week

xoxo. Maria 

DTE Boutique Opening

 Today I had the pleasure of attending the opening of DTE Boutique located in the upper level of 740 Richmond Street, London. They had a great variety of fashionable items ranging from work out attire to silky scarves. I met up with Desi and Tess (the owners) and they are just the nicest shop owners! And of course I couldn't leave without picking up a little accessory for myself! Wait for an outfit post to see what I bought!

xoxo. Maria

Quality Time With My Girls

These girls are honestly just the most fun to be around! We met back a few months ago when we were all getting ready for the Evelynn fashion show in Toronto and now I consider them close friends! We have the best time and we can just chat about everything and anything! It's so great!
So, this past weekend we had a little thrift shopping therapy walking around downtown London. That little treasure in the middle (Melissa) had the spur of the moment belly button piercing experience which was a fun time too! And then later on Tori and I went out for wraps and sweet potato fries! I can't wait to hang out with these girls again next weekend!

xoxo. Maria

Le Petit Bon Bon Macarons

Last weekend I planned a mock-wedding for my photography business and Le Petit Bon Bon collaborated with me. They provided the best macarons I have ever had! I snagged the left overs and had to make a blog post over here on Fresh Collidings. If you're having a little party, I highly recommend stopping and picking up some of these macarons for your guests! 

xoxo. Maria  

Evelynn Video Shoot Comes To Life

Remember when I had a blog post with a bunch of behind the scenes shot of a video shoot? Well, here it is! Just click HERE to see it! Today is the fashion show for Evelynn By Nicole Snobelen in Toronto and I can't wait to walk the runway! I'm sure you'll see some shots from the show in some future post!
And props to Jenny Jean and her team for creating this awesome video!

xoxo. Maria

Photo Shoot // SierraRose Photography

Sierra is this amazing photographer in my program and I was so thrilled when she asked me if she could photograph me. The photos turned out amazing! Share some love on her photography page HERE!

xoxo. Maria 

Web Wednesday // Alice Mourou

I just came across is creative individual and love her little typography series with these flowers called "Blossom Type".

Source of Images
Alice Mourou is from Dubai and works within the digital world. You can have a look at her website if you click HERE!

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