Little Velvet Dress

Okay, I do love my little black dress. But right now I'm obsessing over my little velvet dress! 
It's a very romantic/lacey slip that feels amazing. It can be layered with a bunch of fall accessories, but will also look super cute when summer roles around as a dinner night dress. 

Embroidered Bicycles

And here we have another Zellya top! 
I have been eyeing this baby up for a while now & I'm so happy now that I have it! 

Wishing It Were NYC

Whenever I'm down this street, I picture myself along the streets of NYC about to walk up to my loft apartment in a beautiful kept place like this, all white walls, industrial hanging lightbulbs & a closet so full I don't even know what I have. 
And instead, I'm walking up to my student living apartment with a coin washing machine that never actually gets my clothes fully clean in one go. 
The struggle is real when you're in the early stages of a creative career.
But I'm still dreaming!

Autumn Fever

While writing this blog, I randomly thought I should name it "Autumn Blues" because I feel like Fall is coming to a close with all of the Holiday festivities going on. But who am I kidding, it has been BEAUTIFUL these past few days. I think we hit the prime time for Autumn weather. Therefore, changed it to "Autumn Fever" for a good reason!

On My Way To The Adult Life

1 hour until an interview. What do I wear? 
Here I have an outfit dedicated to H&M - Well at least the skirt and turtleneck. The clutch can be found from Chapters and Shoes from Forever 21. 

Apple Orchard

This week I was photographing a session in an apple orchard, and conveniently it was actually Saraya of Saraya Joy Photography. Enough being said, she shot a couple photos of me for Fresh Collidings! 

Walking Through Ruins

Over the past couple of weeks the weather has been overly gloomy, meaning no time for some sweet golden hour shots. So on this day in particular, my one photographer Sean and I rushed from work to start shooting at Sunset. But by the time we got to this Ruins location, the sun was basically gone. 
Those are the struggles of a photographer. But regardless we still got a few shots from the night! 

Sips Of Coffee

This blog post is one of my favourites! 
I am featuring four of my most loved things right now; My new Zellya crop top, two Jay Hylton enamel pins, Coucou Suzette banana enamel pin & the Ritual Café!
All taken by my new addition to my photographer team, Haley Mai Photography!
Literally this post features my whole life. Haley and I came across this café while we were

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