Web Wednesday // Alice Mourou

I just came across is creative individual and love her little typography series with these flowers called "Blossom Type".

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Alice Mourou is from Dubai and works within the digital world. You can have a look at her website if you click HERE!

LookBook // Autumn Walks

Sweater: Forever 21 // Dress: Forever 21 // Tights: Wal-Mart // Shoes: Wal-Mart // Sunglasses: Flea Market // Purse: Ardenes 

Evelynn Video Shoot

Last night, I was a part of really great team creating the promotional mood video for Nicole Snobelen's upcoming fashion show featuring her line Evelynn. Modelling in this video and soon to be in her fashion has been quite the experience as you all know, I'm usually behind the camera! But this was a whole lot of fun.

I have worked with Nicole for the first issue of Tred Magazine as she designed the dress for the front cover! So, it's great that we're working together again. I had never actually worn any of the Evelynn clothes before last night, and I am now a full on lover of all of the clothes! They were always so pretty, but after I put on the clothes, I instantly wanted to buy everything there. Everything fit so perfectly, the material feels so nice and the patterns are so artsy and fun! I highly recommend all of you to go check out some of Nicole's work! 
I'll share with you the video once it's released. But until then, this is just a little sneak peek of behind the scenes!

xoxo. Maria

Lookbook // Mustard

Photographer: Brooke Files

Shirt: Forever 21 // Skirt: Urban Behaviour // Shoes: American Eagle // Necklace: Forever 21

Top Ten // Fall Essentials

You might be looking at this collage of images and think that these aren't fall because they aren't orange or red or those typical fall colours. But when I was making this list I decided to go with a minimalist vibe and just went with it!

10. Felt Hat 

xoxo. Maria 

Pumpkin Carving With Some Pretty Awesome People

Well, these are some pretty awesome people I've got here. If you don't find me at my own house, you'll definitely find me at theirs. It's super handy to have them just down the road!
Even though these lovely ladies are super busy with all that normal university non-sense of homework, they took the time to shoot this little fall photo shoot for me. Well, really, they didn't have a choice, I kinda just walk into their house and tell them to be ready on a certain day and this is what they need to wear. Then on the day I show up with pumpkins and knives. But I appreciate them actually just going along with it!
And this was a great moment, Emilia carved her very first pumpkin!! We are making memories! And we've decided that we're going to do seasonal photo shoots. So now you need to wait until it starts to snow for our next little "family" shoot!
I love my girl friends! I don't know what I would do without them! 

xoxo. Maria

DIY // Sharpie Pumpkin Gourds

A while ago I was grocery shopping with my boyfriend and sometimes I think I'm really funny (even though I'm usually not) and decided to go around and see how many different things I could stick in the cart without him noticing. The only time I got caught was when I was trying to stick a big jug of Sunny D in. But other then that I came out of that store with many things we didn't need. I was scolded for a bit considering my boyfriend and I are on a college budget, but I really couldn't stop laughing. The cashier even asked me for the drugs I was on! I was not on drugs, I'm just going to blame it on being over tired. We were grocery shopping at 1am, so that's going to be my excuse! 
Anyways, I snuck in a bag of gourds! Since the feeling of Fall is upon us, I decided I would do a DIY with them. The instructions are pretty straight forward: grab a sharpie and some little pumpkin gourds and start doodling! 

xoxo. Maria 

Lookbook // Burgundy in Fall

Sweater : Sammy Dress // Leggings: Urban Behaviour // Boots: Winners // Hat: Forever 21

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