Pancakes + Soft Flirt // Dining Room Tour

If you want to see the most delicious looking pancakes ever, please click "Read More" - probably the best pancakes I have ever had! Okay that might be a bit much, but they were tasty to say the least.
This look is inspired by a small business located right here in London On, Soft Flirt. They have a variety of banners, garland, tees, patches + more to pick from, with all of the soft and flirty typography.

10eighteen Cafe // London ON

Good morning beautiful people!
There has been a cafe I have been going to since they opened and I LOVE this place. I usually come to 10eighteen cafe to edit photos, have consultations or just eat that delicious looking charcuterie board (seriously so good). It's located at 1018 Dundas St here in London ON.

Dainty Gold Jewelry // Statement Grey

I think I'm in love! I received the most beautiful pieces from Statement Grey and I can't take them off! These earrings are completing my vibe with the natural/garden look that wraps around the lobe of the ear, along with the minimalist necklace to match. At the end of the day I keep these new pieces in safe keeping as I don't ever want to lose such beautiful work!

Rêve Champagne // Urban Outfitters Fragrance

This year I'm all about bettering myself. The first step to following my new perspective on myself was buying this amazing little fragrance.  I think I paid about $22 for it, it fits perfectly in my purse, and it smells amazing!
Seriously, what more do you need?
Here is a weird fact for you, I don't think I have ever purchased a perfume until this. I was always gifted them at Christmas, or my last one was just given to me because I kept using it every time I hung out with my girlfriend before we went out.
This purchase was obviously way over due !

Healthy Mama // Tecumseh Ontario

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of taking a small road trip to Detroit with my good friend Saraya and we had a lunch stop at Healthy Mama in Tecumseh. We ordered the Acai Smoothie Bowl, Taco Salad & All About the Avo Sandwich. Not only were we extremely impressed with how amazing the food was, but the whole aesthetic of the restaurant was on point!

Arriving in Style

This outfit is 100% mine, the bike.. unfortunately not! I borrowed this bike from one of my girlfriends who I work with. She rides this thing every single day and clearly is getting more and more fit by doing so. If I chose that lifestyle though, I would literally be huffing and puffing the whole way to work. So for now, I'll just stick to my little Elantra.

Little Black Off The Shoulder Dress

A little off the shoulders action in my little black dress with colourful embroidery from Forever 21. Also featuring UO sunnies and lace up flats from Old Navy.

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