Good Vibes

Today marks the day of the beginning of written exams for my second semester in college. I have two more this week, and I know I need to study. But I tend to distract myself with everything possible so I don't actually get any time to look through my notes. Isn't it a coincidence that everything needs to be done all at once when there's school work to be done?
Soon, I found myself on a bus, heading to my boyfriends. It wasn't my best plan, considering he has to study for exams too. But after waking him up, we were both found on Netflix. We watched The Secret and it just ended up to be so inspiring. I highly recommend watching it.
It was interesting to hear the philosophies of how we can all achieve what we want. It can all be done by focusing and having a passion for everything that you want while staying positive.
Just watching it put me in a happy and inspired mood to try it to see how my life can change.  Even on the way back to my own place, I tried out what was taught to me through this movie on the buses. I pictured myself getting on the bus as soon as I walked outside, then BAM, I walked outside and the bus was there. I need to take two buses back to my school, so as I was on the first, I thought about having another bus show up as soon as I was at the next stop. Lo and behold, there it was. I'm so interested in using this in my everyday life and see what goals I can accomplish by following what I have learned.
So, in relation to this movie, I made a simple graphic "Good Vibes" that I will be putting on my wall to remind me everyday that I need to radiate good vibes and good vibes will be sent back to me.
It also reminds me of one of my friends who always just says "good vibrations Maria, good vibrations" whenever he knows I'm stressed out and it actually makes me take a second and think about whether I'm stressed out for any good reason. Usually, it's for the simplest reasons, and it's just pointless.
But anyways, back to my main point, go watch it and apply it to your life.

xo. Maria

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