Healthy Mama // Tecumseh Ontario

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of taking a small road trip to Detroit with my good friend Saraya and we had a lunch stop at Healthy Mama in Tecumseh. We ordered the Acai Smoothie Bowl, Taco Salad & All About the Avo Sandwich. Not only were we extremely impressed with how amazing the food was, but the whole aesthetic of the restaurant was on point!

Arriving in Style

This outfit is 100% mine, the bike.. unfortunately not! I borrowed this bike from one of my girlfriends who I work with. She rides this thing every single day and clearly is getting more and more fit by doing so. If I chose that lifestyle though, I would literally be huffing and puffing the whole way to work. So for now, I'll just stick to my little Elantra.

Tiger's First Birthday

I can't believe that it is already my little pups first birthday! The time flew so quickly and I can't even imagine how tiny she used to be. If you have been following me on insta, you would see we just grew our family again by getting a Great Dane puppy! So, not only did Tiger have a birthday, she gained a sister this week too!

Off The Shoulder

Okay! I am just brutally in love with my new top from Forever 21! I picked it up yesterday for about $20 - It's off the shoulders, has the perfect length and the flared sleeves make it my new favourite shirt!

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