Pumpkin Carving With Some Pretty Awesome People

Well, these are some pretty awesome people I've got here. If you don't find me at my own house, you'll definitely find me at theirs. It's super handy to have them just down the road!
Even though these lovely ladies are super busy with all that normal university non-sense of homework, they took the time to shoot this little fall photo shoot for me. Well, really, they didn't have a choice, I kinda just walk into their house and tell them to be ready on a certain day and this is what they need to wear. Then on the day I show up with pumpkins and knives. But I appreciate them actually just going along with it!
And this was a great moment, Emilia carved her very first pumpkin!! We are making memories! And we've decided that we're going to do seasonal photo shoots. So now you need to wait until it starts to snow for our next little "family" shoot!
I love my girl friends! I don't know what I would do without them! 

xoxo. Maria

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