DIY // Sharpie Pumpkin Gourds

A while ago I was grocery shopping with my boyfriend and sometimes I think I'm really funny (even though I'm usually not) and decided to go around and see how many different things I could stick in the cart without him noticing. The only time I got caught was when I was trying to stick a big jug of Sunny D in. But other then that I came out of that store with many things we didn't need. I was scolded for a bit considering my boyfriend and I are on a college budget, but I really couldn't stop laughing. The cashier even asked me for the drugs I was on! I was not on drugs, I'm just going to blame it on being over tired. We were grocery shopping at 1am, so that's going to be my excuse! 
Anyways, I snuck in a bag of gourds! Since the feeling of Fall is upon us, I decided I would do a DIY with them. The instructions are pretty straight forward: grab a sharpie and some little pumpkin gourds and start doodling! 

xoxo. Maria 

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