Happy October!

Happy October everyone!
I can't believe it's here! October is one of my favourite months because its the prime time for Fall. So I just want you to be prepared for a lot of Autumn themed posts this month. It's going to be awesome!!
But I thought I would start the month off with a self-portrait I took yesterday for fun. It all started with my friends (helen & emma) hand picking leaves off the ground from my neighbours lawn. Then we realized that I actually own a rake in the back shed! Then the process started to move a little faster. We raked up a bunch of leaves, brought them to the backyard and had a lay down. After I taught Emma which button was actually the shutter, we were in business! It worked out exactly how I thought it would, regardless of the rain that night, little sunlight and mosquitoes all over my body!
Below you can see some behind the scenes work!

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