Lookbook // Fry Truck Stop

When out for ice cream with my siblings, you never know when you're going to come across colour french fry trucks! 
Here I paired my comfiest shoes that I own (Converse from Journeys), with a modern professional look. Still keeping the blazer in it's classy form, adding a crop top with high waisted bohemian pants created a more modern and youthful vibe. 
You can find this blazer & pant at Forever 21 and this crop top from Blue Notes. 

Lookbook // Beach Date

My favourite part about outfit posts are finding locations. Like, can you guess where we are? We're outside of a Cat Hospital? It's so beautiful! 
Anyways, on to the outfit: here we have a thrifted dress paired with beige suede open toe booties. I would wear this out to an early in the evening dinner date. Maybe an on-the-beach type of restaurant. This is easy to switch from casual to dressy. Just by switching the shoes makes a HUGE difference. But I opted for the more fancy side of things. 

Lookbook // Cruise Dreams

If I were going on a cruise, this is what I would wear to board the ship. I feel super travel-y in this outfit which makes me want to go somewhere again! But where? Hmm? Maybe a cruise? 
I'll sit on the idea for bit, as the current funds won't let me do it. But I can dream about it. That could never hurt.. can it? 

My Beautiful Lunch Dates

Well everyone, here are my high school best friends (minus one). It's a rare occurrence that we are all free and able together any more as we're all living in different places and sometimes life just gets in the way.
We've been friends for the past 7 years, and these are the people who always make me feel grounded as a person, and encourage me to be myself. I can't believe that I am so blessed to have them in my life each and everyday.

DIY // Pineapple Cork Board

Little by little I'm trying to get my apartment to feel more like summer. Having this geometric pineapple cork board in my living room is really helping with this mission, and it's super easy to make! 

Lookbook // Blue & White

After a spontaneous photo shoot with Shannon Cyr Photography, we decided to keep the night lively and look for ever colour wall we could. This surprisingly is some sort of health office. Who knew it could be so pretty? Plus, we really nailed the blue shoes to the blue wall! What are the odds? 

Getting My Feet Wet In the Ocean

Good Morning!
Just wanted to share a couple shots that my lovely boyfriend took of me in the ocean.
Literally, Costa Rica is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I can't believe the trips already over!
Stay tuned for a full itinerary of our trip soon!

Lookbook // Costa Rica Bikini

Well of course I did some shopping before I left on my trip! I picked up this beauty of a floaty from Urban Planet for $35 (which I spent almost my whole trip on in the pool) and snagged this bikini from H&M. I'm pretty sure the bottom and top were $6.99 each when I bought them, which I found a big steal! The bottoms are a little too cheeky for me, but I was in a different country, I had not a care in the world about anything! Plus, they kind of helped with the bad tan line situation.

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