DIY // Pineapple Cork Board

Little by little I'm trying to get my apartment to feel more like summer. Having this geometric pineapple cork board in my living room is really helping with this mission, and it's super easy to make! 

What you need: 
♥ 2 Pieces of Cork Board
♥ Green Paint
♥ Yellow Paint
♥ A Marker
♥ Brushes
 Exacto Knife
 Sticky Tack

All we did here was sketch out the bottom of the pineapple (an oval) on one piece of cork board, then the pointy top on the other. Then began free hand drawing the geometric puzzle pieces. Once we had them all drawn out, Sara and I numbered them so it was much easier to put the puzzle back together. To make the cork board stand out and make it look more like a pineapple, we painted a select few pieces green and yellow. This makes a much stronger impact, so it doesn't just look like random pieces stuck to the wall. 

Finally, we started sticking the pieces to the wall, leaving about 2cm of space between each cork board. It's that simple! The only thing you need to do now is pin your photos up! 

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