Sips Of Coffee

This blog post is one of my favourites! 
I am featuring four of my most loved things right now; My new Zellya crop top, two Jay Hylton enamel pins, Coucou Suzette banana enamel pin & the Ritual Café!
All taken by my new addition to my photographer team, Haley Mai Photography!
Literally this post features my whole life. Haley and I came across this café while we were
photographing outfits posts, and spent the majority of our time in here trying out all of the neat locations.
Not only does this place look bloody adorable, the coffee is spectacular as well! Located at 349 Talbot Street in London, ON. 
Moving onto these enamel pins (my BIG obsession right now), I have decided that I am going to fill up my denim jacket with all of them. Hence why I have two different shops featured. In one of my last posts I talked about Coucou Suzettes Banana Pin, which is still one of my favourites. But to add to the cuteness, I have three different pins from Jay Hylton: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Slow Your Roll & Chillin'.    
And finally we have the beautiful Zellya crop top featured in this outfit as well! And I am loving the elephant embroidery. I have two other posts featuring last summers crop tops (globe / camera), and I couldn't help but get me a few more shirt (to be featured soon!). 

Now for the basics of this outfit, we have the shoes, skirt and denim jacket all purchased from Forever 21! 

(Left side ft. Jay Hylton & Right side ft. Coucou Suzette)

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