7 Years of Friendship

Just a heads up, we've got a sappy post on the rise here!
These girls have seen it all with me. From the start of my small business, to my blog, starting college,
graduating, trying to start a life on my own, etc. The list just never ends.
They have been my rock through the good and the bad, which is why I have this blog post set out to our 7 years of friendship because I can honestly say these girls are my best friends. 
I love them with everything I've got and I'm so proud of where they are in their lives today. I can't wait for all of these beauties to graduate University soon, and see where else this crazy world will take us! 

Now a bit about us:
We met back in Grade 9 at St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School in Clinton. It wasn't love at first sight with all of us. It all kind of started with us all just being friends separately.
But over time we grew to a bigger, more powerful group.
By Grade 12 we were spending every day at lunch together, most weekends, after school studying, before class cramming and prom planning. I only have fond memories of us, and they just keep growing.
I went to Fanshawe College, and the rest of them went to Guelph or Western University to pursue some fancy courses (obviously I was the artsy one in the group - taking photography and all). But the distance was fine with us. We're those kinds of friends that don't talk for 6 months, but when we get together on Thanksgiving or Christmas it's like we've only been away for a day. We never run out of things to chat about!

Photographer: Saraya Joy Photography & Graphic Design

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