Day Trip // Ripley's Aquarium

As poor college and university students, it was decided that we were investing in only one day trip as a group this summer and we made the decision of going to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto!
Our day started out great, we made a very greasy breakfast which we planned the night before, and once we were done we headed out on our road trip.
Shawn was the best driver in the city any one could ask for! I mean, if it were me, I would have definitely gotten into an accident. I'm not aggressive enough for that type of situation.
Anyways, touring the streets, shopping in all the stores I spend way too much money in and going through the aquarium was a very fulfilling day!
Okay, and the weirdest thing that had happened that day, was at the end, we were all so thirsty. That being said we were scavenging through our wallets to find one dollar for a can of iced tea from the food stand. For the life of us we couldn't find Keira a dollar. Then all of a sudden, a complete stranger was walking by and said "here" and handed her a loonie. It was so nice but so random!

Now we're off to our own schools, and we won't see each other until Christmas!

Xoxo. Maria

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