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Hi everyone!
I didn't have enough photos for separate posts for everything this week so I thought I would just make a little weekly update for all of you. I really should be studying for my Psych test tomorrow, but I just thought I'd take a break a write a little post. 
So, where to start. Okay, so first I went on a big shopping spree and I bought a whole bunch of clothes for fall. So expect a bunch of outfits posts for October! Then after spending my budget for the next few weeks (I guess I won't be buying groceries, oops) I just HAD to get my nails done. I was curious to getting shellac done so I just decided to go do it when my one girl friend was going to get her nails done. I should probably lay off the spending. But I just feel in love with it! It's so good, I love how it doesn't just chip the day after you get your nails done and the polish feels hard so your nails are thicker. I just got nude, but I was going for a minimalist look. 
Oh and another big thing that happened this weekend was Western's homecoming! So the partying began friday and didn't stop until Saturday night. Or Sunday, depending on how long you were partying for on Saturday night! Either way, it was a very long weekend. I don't know how people can go party for a whole weekend, but I had to take so many breaks. It was exhausting. Maybe I'm just not cut out for going out every night in a row! But all in all, it was a great time! I love that I was able to have a good time with all my friends and we weren't just sitting at home wondering what to do. It was sad though, that this will be my last homecoming. I guess it isn't really even MY homecoming because I don't go to western. But what if I move away from London and I never go out and do this again. So I thought I would just try and do everything this weekend so I could have good memories to look back on from this year! 

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