DIY // Winking Pillow

For some reason every time I come home to stay at my mums house, every one is always gone! My family knows I'm coming home and they haven't seen me in weeks but always find a million excuses to leave. That leaves me to go through my mothers fabric bin and attempt to sew. So I sewed up this white on one side, black on the other side pillow. Then took a stab at stitching eyes onto the white side. The original plan was to cover the entire white side with open eyes. But once I realized that one eye was taking me forever, I gave up and settled with the winking! Which I like way better anyways. I made this from scratch, but it would be a lot simpler to go out and buy a pillow case and then to stitch the winking eyes onto that way. I found it a nice pass times as I was catching up on "The Fosters" and "Switched at Birth". You can have a look at a stitching tutorial here to try it yourself!

xoxo. Maria

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