Christmas Cards W/ Paula And Waffle

If you saw yesterday's vlog post, you would notice me having a small chat about my new Christmas cards I have received in the mail! I was super excited to see this package arrive at my door step and when I physically saw these cards it was even better! They have such an artsy/creative feel and twist to a traditional holiday card, which just had me head over heels. I have been making a nice list from all my friends in family to see who will get a little handwritten note with their beautiful Paula and Waffle card!

Just a little back story to Paula and Waffle; they're originated from the upper east side of New York City and have been selling beautiful creations since 2014. Paula (the owner) and Waffle (her trusty brindle-white Havanese pup) all begin their illustrations from sketches inspired by their life experiences which is absolutely amazing! If you haven't read through their whole bio, just have a look a couple pictures up and the whole write up should be right there.
I highly encourage having a look through the whole Paula and Waffle website and supporting this cute shop. Everything is so unique and pretty, you really can't go wrong.

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