Good Memories // Swimming with Sharks

Sometimes, I like to go through photos to remember some good memories. As I am a photographer, I hoard my photos and appreciate every single one that I take. So, I thought maybe I would make this whole "good memories" post a frequent thing. Maybe? We'll see. 

So, back in February for reading week my family and I went to Florida for the first time. My family was always the ones that did multiple day trips or overnight stays near around where we lived. Mostly because I have siblings who are quite young. But this year we decided to take a trip that was a little more extravagant. So to Florida we went and did the typical Disney Land extravaganza! No judgement, I have always wanted to go as a kid. 
There, I found a new love for water parks. Before I would hate to set foot in one. I just grossed out by the bare feet touching everything and I don't particularly like walking around in my bathing suit. But then there was this tank of tropical fish, sharks and stingrays. I told myself "Maria, this is your time to try something new!" So, I did. I hopped into this freezing cold water, with my ridiculous snorkel and had one of the best times. Some of you might be reading this thinking that it's not "that" cool. But I really don't get out much, so for me it was awesome! 
As a photographer as well, I had to buy an underwater disposable film camera for this. But unfortunately there are no shots of the actual sharks because none turned out. So, you'll just have to take my word for it. 
Good times, good times.

Xoxo. Maria

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