Top Ten // Summer Essentials

I have been devoted to these top ten things this summer. Every day you will see me with all of these items in one way or another. 
First, in the summer, a bathing suit is a must. Especially living next to the beach! The weird part is though, that I only own maybe two suits. The second and third items are a crop top and high wasted shorts! I think these are the go-to clothing pieces of the summer. If I had room in this top ten post, I would have also included maxi skirts! Have you seen on Pinterest the little sayings that reads something like maxi skirts are crotchless yoga pants for women. Just meaning that they are just the most comfortable things to wear, but adds some class to your every day look. Fourth, the wide rim sun hat is a necessity! My face burns super easily so if I go out, so does the hat. Fifth, I never ever ever leave without my sunglasses. Mostly because if you are wearing makeup and end up going swimming, your makeup will be running all over your eyes and the sunglasses are a perfect accessory to hide that embarrassing factor. I mean, I of course use them to block out the sun as well! Sixth item in the top ten is any colour of Essie nail polish! I have found a bunch of nice bright colours on sale and have been using them all summer! Seventh, Eos lip balm, I think that's pretty explanatory, its a miracle worker on the lips. Eighth is sandals! Ardenes is constantly having sales on their shoes and I pick up a pair almost every time I walk in there. I'm obsessed. Oh well. Anyways, for the ninth item, it is a mason jar. I use mason jars for everything! I have cup ones, where I take to the beach with a fruity drink, then I have normal mason jars and I use them for salads, smoothies, storing food, and so many other things. I just love them because they have such a secure lid on them. And finally, for my tenth item, it would be a handy backpack. I love backpacks because they are a lot easier to carry around when you are walking around and they have a bunch of room. Which I would need for my wallet, camera, and the candy wrappers I store at the bottom of the bag..yikes. 

xoxo. Maria 

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