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I was going through the things I currently love, and found that they all had a cute little blue and cream colour scheme to them! I lucked out. 
So first on my list is my little blue book. I received this for my Birthday from a friend and I write in it all of the time. Just little reminders and such. But it's perfect because it fits right in my purse and it's super cute.
I've also been having an obsession with candles. This photo doesn't give my candle collection justice, there is a lot more where this came from. I found these two little candles at the dollar store and their scent is vanilla and blueberry pie. They smell so good!
Another dollar store steal that I found was the Essie nail polish. Normally they cost $15, and I bought them for $3! So I couldn't pass this opportunity to pick them up. 
I picked up the dream catcher earrings from Ardenes the other day. I love these because they are super light. I get really picky about hanging earrings because I always feel like they pull too hard in my ear lobe and I'm afraid it's going to rip right through my ear. So when I found a cute pair, they were for sure in my shopping bag.
Finally, who doesn't love flowers in May? My boyfriend picked out some of these flowers and brought them to me. They just added a nice spring touch to these photos. 

xoxo. Maria 

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